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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by srl28, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Ok so Im looking to purchase a new TLB and part of the deal is to get a new trailer. Tha machine is heavy but will fit ok on a 10k trailer, and yes be within legal weight limits of the trailer, but Id like more capacity and peace of mind.

    Now heres my question, role play as if you were a cop or DOT officer. Yes or no can the following be done

    We have a chevy 4500 with a GVW of 17,995. Id like a trailer that is 12k, can this combo be legal without the driver having a CDL. Ive heard yes and no numerous times before and I myself am leaning towards no, its not legal, but im not 100% sure.

    I know this type of question has been asked before but after searching through some old threads, I still cant really find what I need. Bear in mind I'm in New Jersey if that has anything to do with it.. Thanks!
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    you will need a cdl. trucks gross weight plus the trailers gross weight rating is over 26,000 lbs. sorry
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    gotcha! Thats what i thought, and it seems to not be a reginonal thing or what not. Thanks for the simple response. Only way it would work and be cdl exempt to my understanding is if the trailer has a rating of 9999lbs or less.
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    Not sure about NJ but in PA you can Down rate the truck or trailer rating. Not sure if this will help you or not... Might sound stupiod but TLB is tractor loader backhoe..right???

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