Okay now what should I do?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ipdking711, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. ipdking711

    ipdking711 LawnSite Member
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    well I got myself a 21" push mower and weed whacker. I am starting small due to low starting budget:(. This will change soon I hope.

    My question is what should I do now? Get myself a business license and? Where and how should I advertise? Going to put out 40 dollars a cut to start and see how that goes, but should I put an add in the paper? Business cards? Door to door? Help me get this show on the road please!

  2. RonB

    RonB LawnSite Senior Member
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    Network friend, relatives. Look for yards that need cutting and ask. Give cards to everyone you meet and know. Not sure on the going price in your area.

    And get a blower, or a broom. You'll be expected to clear the clippings from the walkways.
  3. dura to the max

    dura to the max LawnSite Silver Member
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    dont advertise your price. each yard is different. 2 yards could be the same sq footage, but one could be a slope that takes an hour to cut w/ the string trimmer. door to door sometimes works, you could try craigslist, and the paper. word of mouth is the best. i also have buddies that are LCO's that send me work. ive gotten numerous yards out of them. dont know the best way to get new clients, but i hope this helps.
  4. capetan

    capetan LawnSite Member
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    you might want to do some landscaping to, put an ad in craigslist, get some business cards made, use this year to learn and grow business, over the winter, do all the paper work and become a LLC, and get ready for next year ..... dont expect to make money this year or maybe even next year, get the customers and invest in more equipment and resources ....... good luck
  5. mowerbrad

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    Ad in the paper, business cards, flyers, magnetic signs on your truck, and tell friends and family to tell their friends about you and hope that you get some business. Word of mouth is great. I've found that the best advertisment for me is word of mouth, but ads in the paper and signs on your truck should work well. Always have business cards with you, that way when someone approaches you about a job you will have a card to give them. Try to get your name out into the community, do things that could get your company noticed. Good luck!
  6. ipdking711

    ipdking711 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks guys for the help. I think I am stepping in a smidge late for the year but better late than never. I am going to get a few hundred business cards and a newspaper add.
  7. JMiller08

    JMiller08 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am in the same boat you are however i started a few monthsa ago. I reccomend doing some landscape installs, that will give you some cash. Sink it into all the equiment you will need. One guy said a blower or a broom. Deffinatly go for a backpack blower it will pay for itself in the fall. Broom is very time consuming. Save up some money to get your business legal, LLC, and insurance this winter. Market like crazy. Good Luck Man.
  8. ipdking711

    ipdking711 LawnSite Member
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    I will follow all the adive given. Thanks a lot. About doing landscape installs, won't that involve larger more expensive equipment?

    VT MOWER LawnSite Member
    from Vermont
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    Another way you could get more $$$ for your business in the spring is to mulch and edge in the spring before the grass is ready to mow in your area.
    You could start out with a stick edger instead of putting out thousands of $$ for the commercial units. There is a mulch estimator here on the site that will help you figure out how much you need based on how thick you want to apply.

    I am in the same boat you are as well. Just got my trailer (6 1/2 x 12) as well as all the hand tools, 2 trimmers, gas cans, Toro 21" recycler mower. On Aug 1st is when I pick up my 2008 Exmark TTHP 48" w/b with sulky (dealer demo with 18 hrs on it!) and I'll order the Accelerator aluminum bagger for it with the 6.5 bushel option.

    This year will be a learning year for me as well. This site is great! Going to talk to an accountant about filing LLC, along with all of the tax implications with it. Insurance will be next before I start up my mower as well.

    GOOD LUCK! :cool2:
  10. Big Bad Bob

    Big Bad Bob LawnSite Bronze Member
    from zone 5
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    Most of the equipment you could get from a rental place. Just be sure to include the rental cost into the price of the install.
    A good place to start is to do rock and mulch installs. All you need then is a few shovels, rakes, a good wheel barrow, a pickup and a strong back.
    Always lift with your legs.:weightlifter:

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