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    Okay. :)

    I learned to start everything with okay, since that's what the Apple computer support people do, no matter what kind of problem I am facing.

    In SC, we don't need a license for LV. In GA, 20 minutes away from me, I need the LV license. Thus opening a whole can of worms for me. I hate state governments. I will have to wait several months for the next test, plus, they make me take it in Atlanta, 5 hours away. I retired from teaching because of the insanity of paperwork and regulations and redundant, ineffective, careless authority. I hate bureaucrats, I hate lines, I hate long PDF downloads, I hate the way they sneeze and cough into the phone when you call them.

    So, I was thinking: I buy a bunch of that stuff Tommy wears, and I sneak across the border during the late evening, providing low voltage lighting, football "bingo" cards, and duty-free booze and cigarettes.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the "idea" of an lv license. I hate the state execution of it.
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    Okay, Mike's bored.

    I have two demo's this week and an install. But nuttin today.
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    Okay Mike, if you're planning on getting a license in GA, you might want to talk to Chris J. He's taken the test and could probably give you some insight, Okay?
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    I believe that contractor licenses give you options and it adds to your credibility. I have found that the higher the income, the more they want to know you are legit. A contractors license is a start. Here in CA we are required to have one. I am a Landscape contractor which covers LV lighting, there is a LV license here as well. I am filing for my electricians license because I have a need for one. It won't hurt my credibility any to have 2 licenses. It also allows us here in CA to file mechanic liens for unpaid contracts. Without a license, you are out of luck in CA.
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    I wish we had more regulation here. I think there should definatly be a LV license in all states but you should not need the full electricians lics.

    I see so many jobs hacked in or unsafe its not even funny. Transformers screwed to trees... well lights buried in pinestraw beds with no lenses on them. Overloaded wires. Overlamped fixtures. Im sure you guys have seen it.
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    Tommy, how do you obtain a CA electrician/ electrical contractor license w/o going thru an apprenticeship program? Are you hoping to include self-employed experience?

  9. The Lighting Geek

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    i am using my extensive self employed experience along with verification by licensed electricians. I believe the apprenticeship program you linked to is for employees working for a c-10 contractor.
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    Okay, I also have varied, extensive self-employment experience. I also work with, are friends with and hire alot of electricians, but here in Arkansas, to get a Journeyman electricians license, you have to:A have a job working for an electrician as an assistant before you can B-go to school and maintain a 3.0 average for 24 months at a technical college, 5 nights a week for spring summer,fall,winter. then C-be an apprentice for 3 years following working for various master electricians, and THEN, after 5 years of certified experience and 8 concurrent semesters of tech school, you get to D- take the journeyman's electrician's test at the capital of our wonderful state.

    EVEN IF YOU PASS, you still are not a master electrician. you cannot: pull a permit ( to wire a new home), write electrial wiring designs of new homes, set meters, install commercial breaker boxes, and various other things that only master electricians do, without a master electrician signing off on your work. If however, you continue to be a full time journeyman for 5 plus more years, you can then take the Master electrians test. many do not pass the first time.

    In Arkansas, when you hire an electrician, you at least know that guy had to jump through a few hoops for a few years to be called one. most folks ask for a master electrician so you know he has 10 years under his belt. okay?

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