Oklahoma... Cold nights..


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Hey guys, im fairly new to the weed control industry. I have been doing this about two years.

I am in oklahoma city area, and have noticed Lots of guys already out spraying blanket app's. I too have done a few last week when temperatures were in the 60's. THis week temperatures are going to get 20's lows and 40's for highs.
Seems to me like it is a bit early with these cold temperatures and will slowwww results significantly.

I am using, 2,4d w/dicamba, barricade, gly, and surfactant.

My question is do you usually hold off when temperatures are dropping off like they are this week, or just carry on spraying? It looks like we could be back up in the 60's in another week, but sure will get me behind.


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tried that my first year.. It just dosent quit cut it on broadleaf ie dandelions ..etc.
Temperature is just not hot enough i guess. but will usually kill out poa

Turf Dawg

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It depends on how long it takes you to do your first round. If you are small like me and can do it in about a week you can just start a couple of weeks before Crab germination. If you have a couple hundred clients and it takes you 6 weeks to do the first round then you have to start 6 or 7 weeks before Crab germination. If your existing customers do not have Poa, the Speedzone Southern works great on broadleaves in cooler temps.


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Moore, OK
Ya it's always a little slower when It's cooler outside but sometimes you have to take advantage of nice no-wind days in our part of the world, OKIE. Sprayed my first one today and will probably do the rest the end of the week assuming it's nice.

People hate looking at weeds so they don't care if it's a slow death as long as they are dying!

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Enid, Oklahoma
We are using basicly the same mixture as you. I, too, use 2,4D Amine but at a greatly reduced rate. A little 2,4D Amine mixed with Gly makes the Gly "hotter" and work faster. This time of year as soon as the temperature gets above freezing we are out spraying. We will be out spraying tomorrow because the snow is almost gone today. We started our first application of weed control on the first of February and are 1/3 of the way done.