Oklahoma Lawn and Ornamental Test Question


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Hi, I am in south central Oklahoma and have been kicking around taking the pesticide applicators test. I own a maintenance company and have been mowing for over 20 years. I got the study materials for the test from the university and have read through them. I was wondering if you could give me advice on what to concentrate the most on for the test. Any tips or help would be appreciated.!



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Government people love to ask questions about laws and regulations. Be sure you are up to date on pesticide regulations. Be sure you can read and understand a pesticide label. Know the requirements and the pesticide information that you must convey to the customer. (Product used, EPA number, rate and amount), and the waiting interval, and any post treatment water or actions.
Sometimes the same people must drive around and enforce regulations during the summer. Know what must be carried in your company vehicle. For instance: labels, spill kit, rubber gloves, eye protection, rubber boots, long sleeve shirt. Chemicals in locked toolbox or whatever is required in OK.


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Know the math, PPE, and how to read a label.

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