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    In Maryland , you have to get a md home improvement license , a test is required , (MHIC) to service or install irrigation , it has nothing to do with irrigation , but I can do roofing , replacement windows , landscaping , home additions , etc with the same license .
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    When RI implemented their licenses a few years ago the Plumbers Union was up in arms. They insisted that their plumbers license also cover irrigation. Now you have plumbers advertising irrigation installs, installing all pvc systems
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    It's always been interesting where the plumbers whine and moan about not getting a piece of the action, even though they hate irrigation and have zero clue what it entails.:hammerhead:
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    I hired a plumber at the beggining of the year to run a crew and he lasted 3 weeks. He did not have a clue about hydraulics and could not wrap his head around proper zoning. We have a few large plumbing companies in town that do track home builder installs, and they are comical to say the least.

    I have become much more involved in the various associations trying to push to get the regulations changed in Texas. As of right now plumbers are exempt from the Irrigation License. At minimum they should have to sit for the Irrigators exam but be exempt from taking the class, because if they are the God of everything water as they think it should not be a problem.

    The most lucrative jobs we bid are fixing plumber installed systems, so that is the bright side.

    I also think there should be a journeymen period before they turn guys loose on installs. I know that when I got my license I thought I knew everything, I quickly realized that I did not have a clue.
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    You are right. When I went for my 32hr training course to take the test I asked when we were going to get to the part about controllers, trouble shooting, different valves, ect............

    Well to my surprise, there wasn't any.
    It is like my TDA turf and ornamental pesticide license, learn the test then learn the rest.

    Oh BTW, The part about "just pass the test and your a LI" does not apply to me. I have a LI license, but no way would I call myself a LI yet, but I'm trying.
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    Not completely true, you do have a manditory 40 hours of class room to sit for the test. Also the test is hard enough to flunk many people.

    Well, I think the Irrigation Class is 40 hours, mine was and the Tech course is 32.

    I think sooner or later you will see a requirment for a Tech LI plus some experiance but baby steps.
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    My class was32 hours plus several hours of homework. My sons irrigation tech class was 16 hours. I will say it is apretty hard test with about a 53% pass rate for English and 28% pass rate for Spanish first time around. But, you still do not learn about the everyday type repair knowledge.
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    you have to have 4 yrs of work in the field which must be corroborated. my statement was not about the individuals, it is about the system that touts it'self as having one of the most stringent testing programs in the nation yet they don't require field experience?

    gimme a break, that is no better than having no licensing at all. :confused:
  9. Duekster

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    I would love to see strenghtening of the LI requirements.

    Maybe even a tier system like Electricans and Plumbers. I would also like to see parts regulated like the A/C industry :laugh:
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