Oklahoma Pesticide Applicator Test

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LDH, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. LDH

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    Has anyone taken this and if so, how tough is it? Give me some pointers on what to study, etc... I have already ordered my Turf and Orn. and Applying Pesticides Correctly from the Dept. of Ag. and got them in the mail. I've read them a few times. Is there any specific things I should focus on? Thanks.
  2. GCLC

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    There is another thread about the OK test that has some good info in it.

    I read the Applying book all the way through, and scored a 94 I think.

    The T&O test was a little more difficult. I skimmed through the two books for it the night before and scored an 88. I also read the law book they send you with the info packet which helped quite a bit. There were several law questions on this test.

    I can't think of many specific questions now. I'll try to think about it and post if I can get online in the next couple of days.

    Some were weed ID's, but not many and pretty general. One was the shape of a nutsedge stem. Some about scabs and some other diseases, one was spring dead spot.

    There are quite a few label questions. Take your time and read the label, the answer is on it somewhere. Also the difference between label and labeling.

    There were some EPA questions, what to do in case of a spill, the chemtrec number, etc.

    The different types of applicators and what each can do.

    Overall they weren't too bad. I had zero spraying experience. I had looked at sprayers online and in Estes or Lesco, but never even touched one. All I knew was what I had learned from reading this site (a big help) and reading the books. I hope I don't come off as bragging, I'm just trying to encourage you. Even with limited experience you can pass. If you DO have experience, read the books and make sure it is GOOD experience and you have been doing things correctly.

    Oh, on the T&O test you have to calculate how much chem to mix, the spray rate, square feet, etc. I think all the formulas you need are provided, with the possible exception of figuring the area. I knew those so I didn't look to see if they were in there. The book has some good examples, go over them all and make sure you understand and you won't have a problem on the test.
  3. LDH

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    Thanks man. That helps a ton. Ill keep studying.
  4. yardprospraying

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    I think for the most part the test is common sense. If you are any good at process of elimination then you will be fine, since it is multiple choice. There are a few questions about chem. labels, but they provide the label for you. They will ask mixing questions about the a particular chem, and the what ppe (personal protective equipment) you should have on while mixing or applying certain chems.

    I wouldn't think you would have a problem with the applying pesticides correctly test, it is 100 questions, and all you have to score is a 70%, that means you can miss 30 questions!! The T&O is a little bit tougher, but again you can miss 30 questions!! One thing to remeber to take is a calculator. It will make it a lot easier/faster when doing the calculations about rate/sq.ft.

    I had my service tech take the test in Tulsa about a month ago to renew his license, and he didn't even have a book, and made an 85%!

    BTW when/where do you plan on taking the test. Not sure where you are located, but they test here every couple months. They just had one Mar. 6 and the next one won't be until June 26th.

    Good Luck,
  5. LDH

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    Ive got my paperwork here and theres a test about every 10 days all year. March 24th is the next one in OKC. The one after that is in Tulsa on the 27th. Then April 10th in Tulsa, then April 14th in OKC, then the 17th in Lawton and so on...
  6. LDH

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    It's not open book is it?
  7. evergreenedmond

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    No it's not open book. I read the books twice & scored in the 90's on both tests they aren't hard at all, just think about all the idiots working fot chemlawn that have passed it. I've only had one guy fail it & he was so emberrased he quit the next week. REMEMBER A CALCULATOR & good luck.
  8. yardprospraying

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    Thats a good one! It makes you wonder if the "corporate big wiggs" for TG don't kick some "green" toward the state dep. of ag. to pass their techs.
  9. All_Toro_4ME

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    Wow! Didn't realize there were so many on this site from Oklahoma. Good to see you guys.
  10. LDH

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    No kidding! You tierds need to quit hiding in the woodwork and make an appearance on the forum once in awhile. :cool2: Thanks for all the input guys. I'm gonna get this thing whipped and join the applicator clique. I'm glad to hear it's not too tough.

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