Oklahoma too windy for ride on's (PG, Z-spray, HPS, etc) on average?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sedge, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Rayholio

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    You can get them by calling prolawn. they sell direct, and they can also let you know about local dealers.. most places that sell grasshopper can get them..

    I was able to buy a 1 year old demo model.. it's 3 years later, and other than the skirts ($100 total) I've only spent like $50 on replacement parts.. it's a strong system.

    they retail around $3500
  2. jspray

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    Air inducted pre-orifice tips have revolutionised boom spraying and drift control. We use Spraying Systems Turbo Teejet TTI11002VP. At 2.5mph, 20psi, we apply 16gpa with batttery powered push sprayer or our commercial walk behind sprayer. At 6mph, 20psi, we apply 7gpa with utility vehicle sprayer with 12 ft boom. At 6mph, 20psi we apply 5gpa with 32ft tractor sprayer with 30" nozzle spacing.
    Drift control is excellent even in 15mph wind--straight flag wind. We use pariffin based crop oil instead of surfactant which does help in disposition by changing spray solution density. No smoke--no fines--no drift.
  3. Rayholio

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    Yeah.. I might add, that because of new tips, and the sheer size difference, I'm seriously considering getting a Z-spray, or PG.. I can carry one of those W/O having to pull a trailer.

    But I'll ALWAYS have a grasshopper as well.. the 11ft wide swath at up to 12 mph on a grasshopper can not be beat.. it's a lot more comfortable than standing all day. I'm always amazed at its ability on hills. and I absolutely LOVE the aera-vator.. some other attachments would also be handy.
  4. yardprospraying

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    for back gates, I'm actually considering getting the push sprayer, that you hook up to the tank / hose in the back of your truck..


    We bought one of these 2 yrs ago. It is the one with the tank and pump built onto it. The only thing that I didn't like is the battery didn't last very long. I ended up putting a larger batt. on it and it works pretty well. It gets a little heavy if you have to do a big area, but works great on windy days. I was considering taking the tank and pump off of it and hooking it straight to the hose, but I thought that would defeat the purpose of dragging the hose. The tank is 8 gal. so it is kinda heavy to push on soft thick lawns. The best part of these sprayers are they give such a good coverage, you never miss anything.

    I really want to buy a z-spray, but am affraid that we would be limited to the days we could use it. The prolawn is absolutly awesome. We have a 225 gal. nurse tank in our 8X20 enclosed trailer, and it takes less than 10 min to fill and mix the chemicals.

  5. Rayholio

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    I have the same push unit.. I never use it.. LOL it's a little too heavy as you say... feels like it would benefit from bicicle tires, or propusion...
  6. jspray

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    Proedge has deep cycle battery push that will spray all day long--25 lawns by one applicator and 18 golf greens in a day in another instance. Uses Spraying Systems TTI11002VP air inducted tips--no fines--no drift.
    Unit has 80" fold-up boom and 8 gal. poly tank. Unit has zero turn function with large turf tires. 1.8gpm Shurflo pump standard. It's set-up with a ball valve for each of 4 tips. Pressure is adjustable with return valve and has pressure guage.
    Can see at proedgesprayer.com web site. Excellent for small lawns.
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    how do you get the prolawn unit through a 48" gate?
  8. Rayholio

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    It may be more like a 50 inch gate.. but we fit through most of them with the wings up..
    sometimes bearly.. but if you go thru at an angle, you can get into a smaller gate than the profile would suggest.

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