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    I had heard of restrictions on people other than licensed electricians installing LV lighting in Connecticut and New Jersey, then yesterday a note from John Meadors described the situation in Tulsa, Oklahoma where his business is shut down because of restrictions now being enforced there.

    I don't think I've ever seen John here on Lawnsite, so I'll pass this along.

    John wrote:

    The electrical inspections department, city of Tulsa,Ok. Has told me (John Meadors), MGM Lighting that I can no longer do new installations of 12 volt lighting unless I am a licensed electrical contractor, or work under one or put one on my payroll so he can pull my permits. Believe it or not this same ruling applies to homeowners that might go to Home Depot & buy a 12 volt Malibu kit!!

    I have informed the AOLP, most manufacturers, as well as landscape irrigation & lighting contractors. The initial response has been unbelief & anger. There is a meeting concerning this matter on May 27th, 3:30 pm, city of Tulsa inspections department, 111 S Greenwood Ave., Tulsa, Ok.

    Craig Freeman, who is a field rep for FX, in Dallas Tx. Is planning to appeal the decision & attend the meeting & fly in experts that are familiar with UL 1838 & the NEC code. Terry Dee has been mentioned as a good prospect.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, as I am shut down, subject to fines & jail if found in violation until this is resolved.

    Thank you, John Meadors
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    Oh, I thought you meant "Oklahoma!"

    Gregg, welcome to big government. This is what is meant by "neoconservatives." Bush created a really weird big government, at least for a republican president. Kind of like fascism?

    I left education because of over-regulation which had me doing 34 page documents each time a parent came to the school. I was working late hours and weekends.

    I refer you to the incredible film called "Brazil" for a glimpse into the future of tradesmen under a big government.

    Good night.
  3. irrig8r

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    I love Brazil!

    Robert DeNiro was perfect as Harry Tuttle, the freelance heating engineer...


    But this is a serious topic.

    People's livelihoods at the whims of government and probably lobbying from ECs.
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    I agree with you on the point the Bush is a huge closet liberal and has contributed greatly to a big government but, this problem of "Big Government" started long before him.
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    Well, are the LV groups lobbying as aggressively?

    And now, when twilight dims the sky above.
  6. Mike M

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    911 was the catalyst, and the whole country of wusses and FOX news looked to God and Bush and allowed complete, unquestionable, unstoppable government. Heaven forbid you don't support anti-terrorism and Bush's regime, or you are the anti-christ. Don't question the government, they are close to God.
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    Oops, politics and religion. And Terry Gilliam. And Frank Sinatra. I must be in level one sleep and not know it. Good night everybody.
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    This issue has been developing in many jurisdictions for a long time now. Is it any surprise that limitations, licenses and regulations are now being enforced?

    The regulation of the LV outdoor lighting industry is probably the single most important issue facing all of us... unfortunately our only collective, organized voice; the AOLP has been relatively silent and completely ineffective at communicating and representing our position with the authorities.

    I understand the reasons why, and I understand the challenges faced by a geographically scattered, volunteer organization... but surely the time is now for some group to organize, educate and represent our interests. This should be priority #1 for the AOLP and its members.

    Here in Ontario we had to organize and form a group to protect our interests. Through the involvement of a few passionate professionals like John Scanlon, John Higo, Frank DiMarco, Tony DiGiovanni, and others we were able to develop an effective voice, co-operate with the Authorities, present a well planned and well presented position, back it up with technical data and historical evidence and after a year and a half of negotiations it looks as though we have been taken seriously and will be protected.

    It is not a fruitless struggle I assure you. Get involved now and make a difference in your jurisdiction! Sitting by and waiting for others to represent you will not work. I would fully suspect to see more and more areas limiting our industry in the near future.

    Oh, and if you are wondering why the manufacturer's do not seem to have a louder voice on this issue...well have you noticed how so many of them have changed their marketing strategies in the past few years? Seems to me that most manu's have developed campaigns to eductate and market directly to the Electrical Contracting industry... why fight when you can simply change your messaging? Think about it... the traditional 'green industry' is a minor blip when compared to the electrical contracting industry.

    Okay time to go watch the end of the race!
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    Yep, the times they are-a-changing. I'm just hoping they don't trump my license, but slam all the others without it.
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    Bob Dylan?? In a solder's stance I aimed my hands at the mongrel dogs that teach.

    I hope we're headed toward the sixties again, that could be really funny. I was too little to remember the acid-eating flower children stuff.

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