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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by dsaing, Jun 3, 2002.

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    To all,

    I'm thinking of buying a 1987-1990 32" Exmark WB that has been sitting for 5 years. The seller starts it up and everything works fine. He had to disconnect all safety switches (neutral, blade) in order to get it started. It looks like the original engine has been replaced with an 8 hp B&S. Should I buy it? What is the long term effect of sitting for 5 years? Comments would be appreciated. What are signs to look for?

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    First make sure the safety system is working properly. You don't want an unsafe machine and you don't want to take your newly purchased mower to your nearest dealer so he can trouble shoot the safety system at $30-$40 per hour. If it's been sitting for 5 years and it's been exposed to the elements every switch on the machine could be malfunctioning. The good news is there just aren't that many switches. Just be aware that the dollars can ring up if the dealer has trouble finding all the issues.

    The biggest issues will be the electrical and things like gaskets and seals in the engine. Also make sure it's not using excessive oil when it's started or is put under load. When all of the components aren't rotated every now and then the oil no longer protects them from rust. When the rings begin to rust to the cylinder you'll generally see an increase in oil consumption. The valve guides can often be an issue as well in many engines. Time is not generally good to an engine. Often time is harder on them than running them. You also don't want to re-ring the engine on your newly purchased lawnmower. Unfortunately time and lack of use can be harder on an engine than using it every day.

    If the seller is a straight shooter he may even be willing to take it to the dealer of your choice to have these items inspected. Hey, it never hurts to ask.



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