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Old Chev Truck Repair


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I am looking for a free web site that can help me with repairs on my 1989 Chev truck....I may need to replace the steering column if I can't get the steering wheel play fixed. I have a lot of up/down play in that top joint. I have one for Ford that works exactly like lawnsite and people are very helpful.

AL Inc

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Long Island, NY
Do a google search for "Chucks Chevy Pages" Lots of helpful info there


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Get the haynes manual for your truck that has just about everything you need to know. It only cost about 10-15 bucks and it is worth $5000. It gives you all the proper torque settings and and step by step instructions. Also, autozone's website has tons of repair information and blow ups. Also get a LMC Truck catalog http://www.lmctruck.com/ for your truck and they have tons of aftermarket replacement parts for you.

I used to have an 89 chevy until some punk kid rearended me. What exactly is the problem? Are you talking about the tilt wheel being loose? if so you can tighten that up just by removing the wheel and colume and a whole bunch of other BS to get to the 4 bolts and just crank them down to get rid of the play. I just checked my book and it isn't in there though.

If you are replaceing it just use the age old method of remember where the heck everything goes when you take it apart and put it all back together the same way technique.