Old Exmark Lazer blades slow down in thick grass

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by utvolfan, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. utvolfan

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    I am new to this forum and new to Exmark. I bought this old Exmark Lazer and it does need some work. My biggest issue with it is that when I am mowing thicker or taller grass, the blades slow down to where the grass is not being cut and I have to go to an area of the yard that is already cut and let the blades get back up to speed and make another pass. I'm just a homeowner & I don't have a dealer close by that could look at it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  2. gunpowder

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    Might want to post your deck size and engine configuration. I tend to mow every other week (nature park) and in thick grass I had problems at times. Make sure your blades are sharp. Also what plades are you using. (are they notched, are they high lift?)
  3. Pat Daniels

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    I have a problem with the new triton 60 inch slowing down in tall grass. Not as good a machine as the deck it replaced. This is getting to be unacceptabe for me.
  4. Tower Rat 95B

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    Start with the simple stuff,,,,,,,, get a new air filter and a new set of Exmark blades and give it a try. Dull blades and a plugged air filter will dog any mower big time in the thick grass. If that does not do it take the belts off and check all idlers and spindles, look for worn belts that sit way too low in the pulley groove and get new belts if your not sure. How many hours are on the mower, if over 2500 do a compression check on the engine. A weak tired engine will bogg when in the thick also........

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