old farts plz help.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by RhettMan, Apr 30, 2014.

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    Then I'm wrong! Dang, the first mistake in 2014.
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    How do the other zones look? Do they have good pressure? If they do its a problem with just that zone.

    Next are there any leaks? If yes then repair them if no then move on to the next question.

    Did you check to make sure the flow control isn't turned down? If its all the way open then goe on to the next question.

    How is the exhaust port clear of muck? The exhaust port is the hole under the solenoid that allows water to come off the top of the valve in order for the valve to open. If there is crap in it it will not open or it will not open all the way. Most valves you can run a flag through it to clear it some you might have to use a paper clip.

    Is the bleeder screw pin installed and is it from the correct valve? The thin metal rod on the bleed screw of some valves is vital to the correct operation of the valve. It's also sometimes called the metering pin. During normal valve operation water will continuously flow from the hole at the bottom of the diaphragm that is partially blocked by the metering pin and out through the exhaust port. If the metering pin is too small or not there then the water will not be able to evacuate through the exhaust port faster enough for the valve to open all the way. I don't think the DV100 has a metering pin though.

    Was the zone designed correctly? If you have never seen this zone run its possible that the zone was designed incorrectly.

    The most likely cause is that there is a leak that you missed. Sometimes the grass is very tall and hides leaks from you if the zone was designed to its very limit then it might not be able to run very well with even a small leak. I suggest you let the zone run for a few minutes while its running look at the water meter and note the GPM. Look for a wet spot in the yard in the area where the zone runs and between the valve and where the zone runs. If you still have no really wet areas look at a comparable zone that looks good and count GPM on the meter there. If it looks like its using more water with a similar amount of heads with similar sized nozzles then its probably the valve not opening all the way. If the good zone is using less water then there's a leak and just haven't found it. Good luck.
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    Time will tell, i did used a flag to clear the solenoid passage (didnt see any debris they may have fallen free, but the valve seenms to have begun to work)

    no apparent zone lateral leak, exept for flooded areas near each head (WHICH as stated before is difficult to call broken components because of the ungodly high amount of volume discharged during power-on flushing) I hate those gray multi port stemed rotors with a passion. Sorry if the manufacturer visits here. ((Study Rainbirds 5000 PRS Series))
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    Um... Check your water meter brah .

    Use your remote and get your psi stats too.

    Along with what you have done . These two things will negate any damn answer provided to you ONLINE.

    Diagnose .... Then repair the issue... Don't do it with blindfolds on.

    By the way I just turned 28 and I could do this in like a minute with a naked hot chick next to me . Come on Rhett! You got this , ja betta den dat!
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    I must be doing something way wrong :)
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    nah mon! I aint no see's whats da age got a do wi dis?

    You a say my repair no work yes?
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    lol jim, I mus be take too much coffee the morning, but, at joke make me giggle mon!
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    But what if it were a naked hot chick that was soaking wet?
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    Don't tease me Chief, it's bad enough thinking about the horrible conditions Mitchell works in. I think I should help him :)
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