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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by freddyc, Jul 17, 2005.

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    I started this yesterday. There's part of an old foundation to take out then just smooth out the area to the adjacent land. I have about 2 hours in it so far.
    It was an old barn at one time and the foundation was just rocks and concrete for a base with concrete block building off of that. I think each block must be about 500 lbs or so. You can see a couple I placed on top of the hole.
    All I have is a skid steer but it seems to be doing OK. A mini ex would be faster but I still would need to grade it later so the extra for a mini ex wouldn't be worth the effort.
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    freddy. not to get off topic but while its opened up like that you should run a metal detector thru there. i belong to a treasure hunting site and you wouldnt beleive stuff people pull out of sites like that.
  3. freddyc

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    Never thought of that!! Good idea... old ones don't come along everyday huh??

    So far, I only found a broken bottle and what looks like a plastic top from a can or something.
    As it was an old barn, its possible that there was something underneath it or fell thru the flooring. I will now keep my eyes open for more. I'm a little concerned about finding a skull!

    Unfortunately, there s only one wall left with just a little bit on another side. Its a bump in the yard so it will flatten it out after the foundation is removed.

    thanks for the tip.

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