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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by fblandscape, Jan 21, 2003.

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    I have a question for all of you. Just yesterday I asked two of my clients to get me in touch with an associate of theirs. The associate is an old italian gardener who I met about a year and a half ago. The guy said he wanted out of the business. So I must ask, have any of you ever bought out old italian gardeners before, and if so, how did it work for you? This guy has been working at a lot of the properties for over 20 years... some as much as 35 years. That means he has been there through several owners on many houses. Only 50 something customers. Guy does about $450,000 a year in business between cutting grass and landscaping. Most of that is comprised of landscaping. What would you expect to pay?
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    my guess is going to be if he is an true old italian guy... the money he made and being able to prove it... he works off money in the pocket.... he always has money... money goes in...money goes out... but could be 475k or could be 395... he probably does not have any financials.. and I am not sure if that would not offend him... the italian in him.. he is a man of his word... ...not that he is lying ... but maybe does not remeber correctly....

    Keep in mind I am italian... my wife is italian.. both having large family....

    I also be he just a really nice guy... heart of gold... if you know him......

    or that could be the italian in me

    Pete : :D
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    gslam, you are right. This guy is a true Italian. He came over from the old country many years ago. My 2 customers who I asked to help me contact this guy are also true italians. One came over in 56 from the old country. My 2 customers are both well known in the Italian community... so I am not sure if that would help me any? The guy who owns the business seems to be like you said, having a heart of gold. Because he has helped me out a few times when I worked for one of his customers, and is just a really nice guy. So what do you think??
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    Well my first though... it might help if your Italian..... my second it might help if your italian.........

    after that ... I would guess your like most of the rest around here... and your pockets stop very quickly ...so now that you don't have 400k to buy him out... talk to him.. you know him... see what he will take... see what you have... see if he will let you pay some down.. pay from profits.. pay over time...

    my best advise right now is he is a business man... treat him with respect as both your elder and a business man... but know what you have and can afford...

    The one thing you could get out of this is maybe some knowledge from the old italian.... I am sure he has words of wisdom...

    take the honest approach is all I can say that comes to mind...

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    In realistic terms you can't replace him and if what you portray is reasonably accurate, you can't buy him out, his clients have become his extended family. But you can put him on as an employee ???????? with regards... devildog
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    no soup for you!!!
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    What ever you do... don't take him to the Olive Garden for a business meeting.:laugh:

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