Old John Deer 14SB & Echo PB 500 Back Pack Blower

Old John Deer 14 SB Push Mower - This mower was one of the solid JD mowers. They don't make push mowers like these anymore and I'm sure someone needs parts for one some where. The engine is the Kawasaki, the engine is solid. I just changed the oil in it last week. Starts and Runs strong. Only issue is the deck height jumps. I'm sure it's an easy fix for someone that knows the issue or how to fix it. (The previous owner didn't tell me about this.) I bought this mower with the intention of using it on the two small lawns I can't fit my walk behind or stander. My stupid self failed to check the deck height adjustments. This thing cuts all the way down to .50 of an inch and up to 3.5". The only two very small lawns I push mow are both St. Augustine cut on 4.5" and I can't even use the thing! So for someone looking for a solid engine, parts, or an old goodie, it's yours. $135.00

Echo PB-500 - This blower has been solid all season. It was purchased in February, still have the box and papers for it. Ran perfect up until a few days ago until it started acting up. (Carb. issue.) It hasn't been adjusted since it was purchased and I'm POSITIVE that's the issue. I just purchased two BIG BOY blowers and this one is just sitting around the house. $125.00

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