old john deere crank deck walk behinds

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by snapper, Jun 7, 2008.

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    What can you all tell me about these? I picked up one the other day. A 17 horse electric start with a 54" deck. This mower is in immaculate condition. The motor runs like a new one. The meter says 900 hours, not sure if its right or not. Sure doesn't seem like it has 900 hrs, but that is a mute point. But i am just looking for opinions stories or other wise about these mowers. The cut is pretty good the discharge is a little course, but so far i like it. I mowed an over grown yard with it and i couldn't bog this thing down. It is one grass chewin deck. So what can you all tell me about these? The only thing that concerns me is the transmission. I am just gonna hope it doesn't give me any trouble.. So anybody??

    LAter!! chris
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    Those trannys are all rebuildable and replaceable, and yes they do wear out in time - no biggy, though. Those machines are pretty simple and up front. I still have an old JD walk behind, but it is much older than the type you have. Those ones came out in the late '80s. Mine is from around '84, and it (the one I have, not yours) is actually a Bunton that JD used to use for their wb's. I had two (identical), but now only have one. It is a 52" deck with a inline twin 16 hp Briggs I/C motor. Good luck with it, and happy mowing!
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    My first post...love the great info here. Thanks!

    Runner, I was just given an older JD WB and it sounds like the same model you describe. 52", gear drive, with a 16hp Briggs I/C horizonally opposed twin cylinder engine. I mowed a neighbors 1.5 acre that was knee high in places and couldn't bog it too much. I am fairly impressed with it! I would like to know if service info is still available? Are parts still available from JD?

    Thanks and sorry for the hijack.

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