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  1. Mattmowsgrass

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    I went to quote an old lady last week, front yard and one pass in the ally only. Because of small amount I told her 25, if she agreed to weekly, her response was a loud high pitch "ooooh" it sounded like I stabbed her. I said "is that too much" she responded "well I'm paying 10 now. So too me if she had a service, and called me, she wants me to beat their price. She told me shes unhappy with how they work, they were supposed to trim her shrubs, and shes still waiting, and they dont answer the phone. After I explained how a business makes profit , and how I cant do it. she said, she understands, but shes an old single senior citizen and "please". Before I walked off I told her "I do free estimates, but if I charged, I wouldn't even do that for ten." I told her to hire a kid, and when she calls another company, before they schedule a quote, tell them your budget...
    I just wanted to share.
  2. Cam15

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    Good for you for standing your ground! More then likely her previous guy didn't even do it for $10 and if he did that's the reason he stopped showing up. The only time id ever take that job is if its close to one im already doing and I wanted to help her out.
  3. EricC

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    it will happen to all of us. We age, we associate things and how much they cost with what we were used to and coupled with what is usually a fixed and limited income the vast majority of us will become pretty frugal with our money. They want to pay what they think it cost 20+ years ago, because if they're old enough, they're probably living off the same amount of disposable income for that long too.

    Right now, not so much. I make plenty doing what I do and there are 100 ways I could make more if I needed or wanted to. when I'm 80? probably not as many opportunities to do that.
  4. rclawn

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    I’ll do it for $8.50
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  5. Valk

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    ...or maybe he was charging her $15 or $20 and she's hedging her bet that someone will offer to do it for less. If so, she wouldn't be the first to do a lil gambling.
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  6. OP

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    perhaps, I get people wanting 20 or 25, all day long. but, I wanted to share because I thought, it was funny, and I never had anyone, expect service that low..
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  7. Ferris Man

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    I had the opposite happen to me. An older lady who lived next to one of our customers come over and asked me to do a little weadeating around her back porch that took literly less than five minutes and then tried to pay me $50. I told her $10 but she gave me a $20.
  8. OP

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  9. Caledwen

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    I think we have to keep in mind that today's advanced elderly have a very different mindset regarding money than us. These individuals lived through or very near to the depression and therefore have the mentality that they never want to live like that again. Therefore, they can come off as cheap, miserly, and flat out gruff when it comes to money leaving their pocket.
  10. OakNut

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    EricC said above what I was about to say - that as we get older, we still think about what stuff USED to cost when we consider pricing.

    I'm only 51, but I still can't wrap my head around paying $10 (or more) for a hamburger - in my mind, the "value" of a hamburger is based on what I have paid for them in the past.

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