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    As a person, I believe in helping people out.
    But, as a business owner your most important focus is making a profit. The $25 I quoted her is not big bucks.
    Helping her out would have been doing it once for the $9 while I quoted her, to help her out. singing her up for recurring services at $9, knowing shes the type to call another service to underbid my price while im hired, is not helping her out. she already had a 10 dollar service. Its letting a little old lady take advantage of me.
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    I take care of a couple of old folks' lawns at a serious discount. But I know for a fact that some older people use their age as a ploy for a deal.

    My mother is 83 and plays that card whenever possible. And she is pretty well-off. She hides it well, and always looks for the discount. I suppose that is why she is well-off to begin with.
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  3. OP

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    I get it I Left The Home Depot, empty handed, Monday because they wouldn't honer my veteran discount.
    I feel like I deserve it, but it's there right to refuse. The reality is a senior citizen, doesnt deserve a discount just because shes older then me.
    When buying goods, the business makes a profit from the mark up of price. So, if I buy a product and get a 10%discount, The business makes less profit. But it cost them nothing additional, they still made a profit. When selling services, aka time, giving discounts doesnt just make you less profit per service, overhead is still there so it actually cost you. Not to mention, you could have scheduled something else, for that time period that could have made you money. In this specific situation, I quoted $25 she wanted $9, I'm not giving her a 64% discount, weekly. Sorry ma'am, Hire a kid.
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  4. EricC

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    You shouldn't feel badly at all for not "helping" her. Neighbors and family help and friends. Or they should. She solicited a business for a job, that's different. No reason for a business owner to feel guilty about not giving deals and breaks.
  5. MLGA

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    $10 for lawn cut isnt too bad if she gives you some hard candy and a shiny nickel as a tip. dont report the nickel to the irs and boom you just made .05 tax free.
  6. OP

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    I Suppose your right, I never thought of it like that. let me call her up.
  7. landscaper22

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    Yeah it is difficult to deal with people that have that mindset. I dealt with a rich old lady that was that way last year. She figured out what I was charging per hour basically and said her retired husband didn't make that much when he retired as an engineer. My dad to her, yeah but that was like 40 years ago or something like that. The guy looked 90 lol...Either way they don't get it. Well I think they get it, they just don't want to pay much for things that are not as important for them. They don't seem to have a problem paying for nice new luxury cars. They were not that expensive years ago either. But lawn service is different. Oh well, when there are people willing to do it for nothing, that is what hurts the business for those that know how to price.

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