old machines still pounding the ground..

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowisme, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. mowisme

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    I think it would be neat to hear and better yet see some of the 'old' commercial mowers still running and bringing in their worth? I know most are put away or sold for upgrades for various reasons.. but some of those old work horses still get the job done. I had a 1985 scagSW36 that never missed a beat for 6 years and I bought it for a 'parts' machine for $60! it ran to good to part out. Pic's would be great but would be neat to hear what machines have survived the test of time.
  2. arl250

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    Cant believe nobody's posted here yet I'm excited to see what all machines are still alive
  3. jhawk60

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    I have a mid-eighties John Deere 36" fixed deck belt drive that I just retired last year. Had to replace the Kawasaki engine at the beginning of last year so I just threw on a 14.5 hp Briggs IC from a lawn tractor. I would still use it for gated back yards instead of the push mower but there is no room on the trailer with the 48" walk behind and the 54" Z.
  4. gene gls

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    Do a search, I believe this was talked about a year or so ago.
  5. Kawasaki V-twin Guy

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    I have a 1998 Scag Turf Tiger that is all original and has 2450 hrs. It has the liquid cooled kawasaki engine. It is starting to show it's age.
  6. zturncutter

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    2003 Scag tiger cub, put the third engine on along with a new deck shell last season, 5560 hrs and mowing every day. STC61A 25KA
  7. Kawasaki V-twin Guy

    Kawasaki V-twin Guy LawnSite Member
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    Here is a picture of my old turf tiger.

  8. herler

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    The problem is that you put so many hours on them, there's no getting around it, the wear and tear makes it to where the machine can't be pushed like a newer one and at some point the loss in productivity makes a new machine the attractive choice... They get so worn out you have to move slow, then it's also when a machine breaks down every day and I mean every single day something goes...

    For that reason few would still be on full time duty, most of the mowers you speak of have been retired or relegated to the role of backup machines, parts mowers, and on the odd ocassion a home owner has acquired one.
  9. JMK26

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    1972 Male Human.

    Residential use in the 80's and 90's.

    Military use from 2003 to 2009.

    Wife says starts up on the first pull. ( and she takes offense at being called "ground" )

    Occasionally needs coffee to get going on the weekends.

    High Miles...good work ethic.
  10. ProStreetCamaro

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    Our old lazer hp is still kicking. Has to be close to 3000 hours now. I replaced the ignition switch a couple years ago and forgot to hook the hour meter back up. It is a backup mower but we do use it a couple days a week on certain routes where we dont need the 34z or 36WB.



    Here it is a couple years ago. Dont have any recent pictures.


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