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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rockytopp, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Hey guys, Finally back it the swing of things. Lots happened since we last met.
    I have an older Murray eleven horse power 38 cut.( I know it should be in a museum.:) If I ever had this problem I have forgotten the cure. All wiring is in place and seems to be be right, BUT when I plug up the loom to the switch,
    the switch body is hot, if I install it of course it is a direct short and gets hot, running the battery down or worse yet could catch on fire. The mower is like new and was stored inside for years. I have tried several switches and all are the same, I can not find any bare wires or any thing in site........:cry: :cry:
    My old brain is in a mess, guess I need to retire. thanks for any help. Paul
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    Hey Paul, It has been a while...... Good to see ya back !

    Since this machine is in such good condition is the model number tag still in tact ?

    What you want to do is look on the back of the ignition switch, There should be letters stamped in either the backing cover or connector post it's self.

    The switch needed for this machine will have these letters;

    B= Battery
    M= Mag (ignition coil kill lead)
    S= Start (solenoid)
    L= Lights
    G= Ground

    Trace each wire back from the switch plug to each component then make sure they correspond with the letters on the switch, If one or two doesn't, The wires can be removed from the switch plug connector and moved to the needed/proper location.


    Good Luck
  3. rockytopp

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    OH yes, Mod. is3861BX92E Ser. 95046-024215
    Sorry about that, and I know better. I just got back to it. and still this thing eludes me. Its like there is a hot wire hooked direct to the frame.

    I have eliminated all wires from switch ,except the start up. it will start and run but when I touch the switch body to the hole where it belongs it arc's like a mini welder.:confused: :confused:
    Sure do thank you for your help.

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