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  1. old oak lawn

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    The husqvarna trimmers are 323 and 326, They are strong and light compared to the stihl. We have tried stihl trimmers but found them to be top heavy at the engine making them want to twist out of your hand if you dont hold on tight. Still have 1 stihl fs110 i think, no one wants to use it so it is a back up. we have 7 husqvarna trimmers. Saw's -We have the stihl Ht 131 pole saw and love it. It has a long reach and is strong, i think it was around $650.00. Only used 1 Husqvarna hand held chain saw before { not mine } It did OK and i am sure they make a good saw but i prefer the Stihl, they are strong, they last, dealers stock parts. We also use stihl back pack blowers 2 Br550, 1 Br600 and 1 Br600 mag. Love them, will be switching them all out to 600 magnum's this year.
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    thanks for the info im actually looking at the 326 trimmers that info is great.My pole saw was the ht-101 but that 4 mix motor got to the point it didnt wannna crank and the extension got to the point it was hard as heck to slide in and out.Husqvarna has got that new one that is just like the stihl pole saws. only things weve had with those though is the shaft wanted to come lose from the motor.Kinda been worrying me a little bit.
  3. old oak lawn

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    Some from last year. All my stuff is old but paid off.


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    if its making you money who cares how old it is. lol
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    Yeah, x2 on that.
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    how do you like your john deere 757
  7. old oak lawn

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    Look on page 3 of this thread, i have a pic of the engine apart. Had bad oil leaks from front and rear seals around 1300 hrs and then engine problems at about 1500. [ in pic - engine rebuild with pistons and 1 cylinder head ] After engine was fixed at end of last year had electrical problems with safety switches, replaced diodes and all safety switches. Hope it does ok this year. It only has about 1650 hrs on it now.

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    You equipment and work pictures look great! I don't do any tree work but I do admire those that do.
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    Have you been getting into more tree work and not doing as much mowing since most of the pictures are of tree work.
  10. old oak lawn

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    Most of what we do is commercial mowing, we have contracts with the city for all the parks, city hall,police station, 14 arc. cemetery and so on. We also do HOA'S and other businesses in the area like a 12 arc. YMCA and a church with 2 cemetery's. Tree work in new to us only been doing it for 2 years and not relay a lot of it. Tree work makes for better pictures, our lawns are not exciting, just basic mowing.

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