Old School: Burning off Bermuda

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by geminibuddy, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. geminibuddy

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    In Alabama.

    Years ago when I was a kid I knew folks that would burn off the bermuda in the spring. Yards were always nice- but I dont recall them enough to chat. This was pre-chemical era we are in now.

    Never see people do it anymore, so it must not be good- but I thought about it when looking across 2 acres of bermuda just now in Feb. if it saves me on chemical costs...HA!

    What benefits / disadvantages would that cause? Just curious.
  2. knox gsl

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    Not sure about the answer but growing up in LA (lower AL) my dad burned off the lawn in early spring. The dog and 4 kid tracked in black foot prints for months afterwords. Yes it did come back and look good. I would say that you could accomplish similar results from a gly app while dormant and a scalped mowing in March.
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  3. geminibuddy

    geminibuddy LawnSite Member
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    Lower Alabama- or Leighton, Alabama/Littleville, Alabama - neither of which are to be confused with the Left Coast....

    I appreciated the story and the advice. I agree- I know there is "better living through chemistry" - but was just curious about the burning...especially if it was cheaper- I have a bunch of it that I will be getting ready for spring. ha!

    Thanks for the post. :canadaflag: = I grew up on the Tennessee/Alabama border and you were closer to the yankees than we were...ha!
  4. knox gsl

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    There was a time I thought going to Troy was going too far north.

    BTW you can get gly cheap at TSC. I think I gave $45 for a 2 gallon jug about a year ago.
  5. agrostis

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    I think one of the main reason's you don't see burning is that fire department's frown on that practice. It's an old fashioned thing that's unnecessary. Knox is right about those track's, they can make a real mess. I've seen a semi-dormant bermuda golf hole in the middle of summer burn up because of firecracker's. It only took about 30 minute's and there were flame's 30 ft. high. It took out 3 acre's with the irrigation on and the fire department putting water on it.
  6. geminibuddy

    geminibuddy LawnSite Member
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    Very interesting. Again, I was curious and appreciate this answers. I guess I hold up on buying matches. Ha!

    Thanks for advice on gly.
  7. BLC24

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    I've seen farmers burn fields before to get rid of the waste and start over. It can be done. You just need to know what you are doing and do a small section at a time. You probably should have done this in the early fall if you were going to reseed with fescue. Is this a neighborhood? If so I would stick to the roundup.
  8. Bates Lawn Care

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    I live on a farm in SC and we burn our fields every year in late winter. But those are large Costal Bermuda hay fields, and have tractors and two people to keep it under control.

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