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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobby perez, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. bobby perez

    bobby perez LawnSite Member
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    Mabe you older fellas could help me out here. I have an older Snapper 36 with a 12 1/2 kawasaki engine belt driven mower.maybe 1987. The thing is built like a tank, stripes real good .Only replaced the spindle in the 6 years Ive had it The only problem is that i think its slow. Is this common for this make of mower or do i need to replace the drive belts , do they stretch making the machine slower, or the transmission maybe. Or is this why the company logo is a turtle. mabe i should replace the mower altoghter. What does your expierence call for in this situation. Thanks again ps. maybe I want something MOW better
  2. Albemarle Lawn

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    Old snapper is no fun.
  3. bobby perez

    bobby perez LawnSite Member
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    yep just seen a mower from Landscape supply Co. on web for 2100 $ says its comparable to a Scag or Xmark any body seen any of these or are they chinsy. Thanks again.
  4. Mark

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    Bobby ive never owned a belt drive walkbehind, but i do own a 93yr Snapper 52"hydro walkbehind it runs around 6mph and has been the best investment ive bought in 13yrs, thing is built like a tank also 7ga deck, its my best double blade walkbehind, it stripes alot better than my new scag 52, try and do a search on the walkbehinds im sure there is something listed on this topic, the scag belts run about the same speed as the hydros 7.5mph....bye Marks Mowing Service
  5. bobby perez

    bobby perez LawnSite Member
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    well fellas any ideas or comments no matter how crazy it might sound. I gotta make a move, fix or find some thing else. thanks again.
  6. wmsland

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    Replace the drive belts and then adjust the tension on the drive pullies. Also you might want to check the gear fluid in the transmission , some times the older style transmissions will run slow if the fluid is low. Another thing you can check are the gears in the transmission if there is a lot of play in them they probably need to be replaced.
  7. ohiolawnguy

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    is there just one drive belt underneath the frame below the transmission? try replacing that first.

    i am taking a guess that this is the old style variable speed transmission. not the new style five speed transmission(peerless?) w/reverse.

    if it is the older transmission, you can replace the belt somewhere with a belt an inch or so shorter. this will speed up the mower, but will also eventually wear on the pulleys some.

    another option which i have never actually tried is to change the size of the drive pulleys

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