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Old threads......???


LawnSite Bronze Member
morristown, nj
Is it just my computer, or are a bunch of old threads from Feb 2000 popping up on the board all of a sudden with no new responses to recall them?

Is this something to do with guido having 666 posts in all of them....Wait, is guido the DEVIL........grab your women and children and run!

A halloween prank I bet.


[Edited by steveair on 10-23-2000 at 12:37 AM]


LawnSite Silver Member
Man steve give me some credit! I'm not that bad!! Yeah, I'm back until it starts to snow so I was digging up some posts. Hope I'm not interupting anything!! :)

How's everything going Steve? You holding down the East Coast for me?

Later Guys!

Lucifer :mad: ......ooops...I mean Guido!!