Old TORO ProFlo Problems- Need Help

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by aquamtic, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. aquamtic

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    I would like to get some thoughts and resolution options to the problems with the old Toro Pro Flo Valves (#284).
    I have been seeing more and more of them failing to the weeping problem. especially at blow out stages. The diaphragm will not close down completely.

    I have just talked the cutomers to replacing the entire valve ( of course I am not replacing them with TOROS) . But some customers are freaking out when I tell them the cost to rebuilt an entrie manifold at times. Are any of you using the repair kits? Are they worth it? I also heard from another group that you can use the Rainbird DV100 repair kit??
  2. CMKC

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    The Flo-Pro is not a good valve as you have discovered. I would not waste my time finding the repair kit. Most of the time you will never be able to get the top tight enough to stop the weeping.
    I would tell the clients that they can look at the cost of a new manifold in two ways. First the cost of water weeping over time will more that exceed that of the new manifold. Second, they will get the peace of mind that they are not wasting a valuable resource like water once they get new parts that are not only reliable but parts that are now covered under some form of warranty.
    Basically just rip them out of the ground and get them new valves!
    Good luck-
  3. Mdirrigation

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    Replacing the manifold is the best way , the other option is to replace or add a master valve if there isnt one . That will stop constant weeping , its a stop gap measure but it will solve the problem temporarly
  4. mrwettech

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    You can not use a DV100 diaphram to repair a Flo-Pro valve. When we come across this situation we recommend replacing all of them with-in the system. I have came across alot of systems where we replaced a valve or several then found that after we repressurized another one has lost it's seal. It is a foolish feeling when you make the "repairs" only to have to inform the customer that "there is another one" or even worse, the customer calling you. Your best approach is to fully inform them of this type of valve and that if they decide to replace 1 or some valve(s) most likely the others will start doing the same thing. Also, let them know that if you replace all these valves with-in the system they will have piece of mind with their new ones which have warrenties. The problem with a master valve on Flo-Pro systems is when they start sticking on. This is another thing they sometimes do. What do you tell the customer then?
  5. irrig8r

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    Toro sent me out a bag of replacement diaphragms about 3 years ago. They did a redesign with more of a lip on top. The replacements work fine for me. They marketed the A/S version of this valve as idiot-proof, so that even if your guys installed it backward (does anyone really do that?) you could swap the bonnet with the anti-siphon cap. I installed only 2 cases in the filed, including a couple at my house. They sent me replacement solenoids too (a couple years prior), the originals were "wire capture" design, that worked OK with #14/1, but not so good with anything thinner. These valves were installed the year they hit the market and still run fine, if occasionally noisy.

    Toro and valves goes together about as well as Toro and controller (anyone ever install a Vision?) which is probably why they bought Irritrol.

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