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  1. Old Toro Talk Number 1 Volume 1 by Lawrence Stone<p>Buy an old 1985 Toro WB with a blown engine with a 44”deck<br>and Toro bagging<br>kit from another contractor who just bought brand new Lesco<br>equipment for $200.<p>Buy a new 12.5 hp recoil/electric start ohv Tecumseh replacement engine for $370.<br>Fix the cloth bagger for $37. Replace the idler arm, pulley, and bushing from the<br>deck for $35. Visit you local power equipment and remove the key switch, starter<br>solenoid, battery hold down, and battery cables $10 from a junk garden tractor. Buy a Toro battery mount from<br>the dealer for $15 and the proper electric start wiring harness for $48. Buy a set of<br>replacement drive belts for $46. Reinforce the rear of the traction unit will angle iron<br>and add a sulky attachment plate.<p>Now in one afternoon put the machine back together yourself. Now what you<br>have basically is a “NEW” 1985 Toro wb for the total cost of $761.00.<br>A brand new year 2000 unit with a 13hp Kohler with a Toro bagging kit retails<br>for $3385.<p>When you are in the field in the fall mulching bagging leaves with your “New”<br>$761 commercial lawn mower mow the lawn first by side discharging in a <br>clockwise fashion with gator blades. Then drive your walk behind up onto<br>your trailer (open landscapers no need to buy an enclosed trailer for it does not<br>matter if your $761 mower gets rained on) then place a set of steel car ramps<br>right on the very back of the trailer. Then put the $761 lawn mower in reverse and<br>drive up the back of the car ramps. Then apply pressure to the handle to lift the deck <br>high into the air then secure the handle to the mesh gate of the trailer with a nylon<br>motorcycle tie down strap. Change the gator blades to high lift install the bagger then<br>go over the lawn one more time to pick up and remove the bigger pieces of leaves.<p>Now with the $10k+ you saved by not buying a Walker take that money and put it down<br>As a down payment on a duplex and become a slumlord.<p>Tune in next week when we will take that same old Toro above and turn in into a<br>wide area pesticide application vehicle for another $900. That’s a savings of over<br>$12,100 when compared to a “store bought” pesticide application vehicle make<br>from a Dixie Chopper frame.<br>
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    Toro didn't make the 44&quot; deck until 1987.
  3. Evan528

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    i actually agree with you some what..... i do think having a ztr is a great idea, but i do agree in the part that it really makes alot of sense to get a old walkbehind and rebuild it. since my ztr is my main mower that is used i cant justify spending 3000 on a 48inch walkbehind when i can get a old one and replace whatever needs replacing.(engine, transmission, ect.) i feel this way because for the amount of use a walklbehind would get from me its a waste, in you case you are using these 1985 mowers as you main mower. a tecumseh engine isnt going to cut it for every day use.
  4. Lazer you are correct!!<br>I thought it was an older unit for it has the<br>more upright fuel tank held down by metal<br>straps. The traction unit and deck have<br>1988 serial numbers.<p>I just check the markings on the drive tires<br>they say TORO. These tires are lucky to have<br>over 250 hours usage and have lots of tread left.<p>Evan,<p>I did not buy the Tecumseh engine to use this<br>machine as a front line mowing unit. This<br>machine will be a pesticide application<br>vehicle most of the time and will be a lawn<br>mower of last choice.<p>Unless you have actual expierence with the<br>new OHV Tecumseh engines how can you justify<br>your claim &quot;a tecumseh engine isnt going to cut it for every day use&quot;. <p>My intent for buying the Tecumseh engine <br>was to use this machine as a deticated pesticide application vehicle. I wanted the<br>least expensive engine availble that had an<br>alternator, electric start, and recoil start as a backup so if the unit was idle for a<br>while and the battery was dead I could start<br>it w/o having to hook up a battery charger and wait for a charge or jump it off my<br>truck battery.<p>I also did not want to subject an expensive<br>engine to all that fertilizer dust from the<br>out front electric spreader. I am planning<br>on installing the oil filter kit and an<br>hourmeter (NOT to the PTO). I don't foresee<br>having to replace this engine for a min. of<br>2000 hours for I will change the oil (syn.)and filter every 200 hours (actual engine run time).
  5. Lazer

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    1985 Toro gas tank: 2 gallon metal.<p>1986-87 gas tank: Upright 4 gallon held down by rubber straps and Toro decal mounted right to the gas tank. (decal always always fell off)<p>1988-1992? Upright 4 gallon tank held down by steel bands and a separate plate to display Toro decal.<p>I believe around 1993 they came out with the new gas tank that bolted right to the frame and had space in back to mount their hydro reservior.<p>Not that anyone really cares, but it's a quick way to determine approximate years.
  6. Evan528

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    lawrence, you didnt specify that the tecumceh engine is goin on the pestisie apllicator/ mower. with out using it for mowing it will probly last for ever... my apinion is that they are not very good engines and wouold not last long being used for commercial cutting. what kind of engines did you put on your other units?
  7. thelawnguy

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    On toros the first digit of the serial number indicates year, i.e., 38090-000385 could be a 1980 or 1990, maybe a 1970 but you'd know if it was that old.<p>Bill
  8. Lazer,<p>From my fleet of the future museum of old toro lawn mowers I have a little more info.<p>The upright fuel tanks are 5 gal. per the <br>operators manual for 1986 model#30111 (11hp<br>b&s).<p>The 1988 model does have that little bracket<br>that had a Toro decal. When I get my new<br>pesticde application vehicle done next week<br>I will take some photos of the unit and<br>you will see what usage I have for that little plate.<p>The gas tank differnce was not by model year but my model of machine. I have a 1987 16 hp <br>kohler(purchased used) that has the bolt on fuel tank. I also have a 1991 (purchased new)<br>with a bolt on fuel tank.<p>What Toro must have done was to used the last<br>of the taller strap on tanks with the cheaper<br>B&S powered models.<p>Evan,<p>I don't understand why you would think that engine life would be less by just engaging<br>a pto to power a little 44&quot; deck.<p>I have a 1986 model with the original 11hp<br>B&S engine mated to a 52&quot;deck. The &quot;thing&quot;<br>runs 100% and will pull my big body around<br>on a sulky in top gear with no problem.<p>
  9. JJ Lawn

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    The main reason that the so called lower end engines, Briggs, Tecumseh don't last long is because people don't take care of them. Before I took a small engine class(1.5 yrs worth)I used to think like most home onwers, and some commercial folks that have these engines that changing the oil and cleaning the air filter once a season was enough. Wrong. If you keep a regular maintenance schedule, and don't abuse them, these engines will last a long time. Improper maintenance and dirt is the major killer of any engine.<p>If Tecumseh and Briggs were not good engines they would not be in business as long as they have. I remember something from my class that a Briggs engine with proper care and maintenance will last over 20 yrs. At least thats the way they are tested at the factory. I have a Briggs engine that was manufactured in 1972 and will still start on the second pull. I use it all the time to spray around my property. My property only Larry. :)<p>My only dislike of the Tecumseh engine was I did not like to work on the carburators. If they were worn they are hard to adjust and you just about had to buy a new one.<p>My 2 cents<p><br>Jim<br>
  10. Lazer

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    Briggs and Tecumseh don't hold a candle to their Jap counterparts. <p>Sad, but true. Look at the sales figures AND the price.<p>Company longevity and quality products are very distant cousins. (McDonalds in not what I'd consider to be a great meal, etc., etc.)<p>When you EARN YOUR LIVING with your equipment, it's foolish to aquire anything but the best.

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