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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by CD landscaping, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. CD landscaping

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    i found a 72 3/4t ford with a 360 big block in it the body is rusted really bad but the engine and trans. is great the guy wants 600 what do u think
  2. grassdaddy

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    I had 73 360 at it got worse mpg than my 351m or my 460 dually.And thats bad!That truck may not have p/s or p/b,I wouldn't fool with it.:(
  3. TedsLawnScaping

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    "the body is rusted really bad but the engine and trans. is great"

    That sounds familiar, I have 2 in my back yard and 1 in my garage being renovated. If it's 4x4 it probobly doesn't have power steering but it can be converted. The obvious places to look for rust on these trucks is cab corners and floors. The fenders are probobly shot in the bottoms. Check the Inner fenders and under the hood hinges. That is a common place to rot out. Crawl under and poke around as much as you can behind the fender on the front of the cab. Check the cab mounts out too. There are a lot of people making replacement parts for these year trucks but if you can't do the work yourself it's not worth it. Also check above the windsheild and above the drip rail. Check inside the cab behind the visors for rust, if there were holes on the drip rail there is probobly rust above the visors. Check under wear the seatbelts mount too for rust. I'm sure I'll think of something else but that should give you something to do. If the cab mounts are good and the cab doesnt have any serious holes (floors not included, easy fix), I'd offer him 300 if its manual steering or 350 if its power and it works. If you can get the truck for 400-450 I think you dun good but if the cab is CLEAN AND SOLID (no bad body work) its worth what he's asking. I'll shut up now. If you want any pictures of my work in progress (71 f-250 2x4, 360 4 speed) or where to look for problems let me know.
  4. CD landscaping

    CD landscaping LawnSite Member
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    yes i would like to see pics i am a big ford fan but for that year i prefer the chevy and gmc and have found a couple and he will not buge from the price so i think that i am going to just let it go

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