Old turf tiger loses power once blades engage.


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The fuse holder itself is probably corroded from arcing and water. The fuse will get loose in the holder. Scrape the contacts with a nail file or something like that. I usually take my pliers and twist the fuse "blades" out of line so as to give the fuse holders contacts a better grip.


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I think it may be your clutch. Check three clutch gaps and adjust them to specifications. Also check the output from the clutch when it’s off and on. You can find those output readings online according to your clutch model. If the clutch is going bad I’ve seen those burn fuses and wires.
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also found one of the fuse holders next to the seat was getting super hot.
The fuse holders that Scag was using on its Turf Tigers at the time yours was made were pretty marginal. I had lots of problems with fuses overheating and losing the connection until I replaced the fuse holders with some better quality ones.


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Ok guys. So after giving up and deciding to take it to the scag dealer and have them diagnose it, I fixed it. The week I gave up it got to where it wouldn’t even start. I had no fire. So I pushed it up on the trailer, and hauled it down the road. Turns out the electronic control module was bad which is located in the panel behind the throttle and choke. He put one on it and it started and ran fine. So I had issues with the safety switches going bad on me and the ignition switch would go in and out where it wouldn’t work, and now all my switches work and they key hits every time. I didn’t have a clue those were related. The scag mechanic said it kind of was like a safety control box. He also recommended I drain all the fuel and replaced all the lines. Which I did myself once I got it home. Now she runs beautifully! Thanks for all the suggestions!

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