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    I originally put this in commercial landscaping forum, sorry:

    Question for you all.... My uncle was cleaning out his shed during the winter and I was hauling the junk away for him when I came across this old Snapper. He informed me it was given to him from a buddy at work, anyway to make a long story short, I brought it home an cleaned the carb, put a new plug in it and it fired right up. I was bored over the winter so I applied a coat of paint to it. It cleaned up well and I was wondering if anyone knows what something like this might be sold for? It has an 8hp Briggs I/C, appears to be an 30" cut, 5 speed transmission and a brake band type steering system. It came what looks like a hi-lift blade and mulching blade. Everything works and I dropped the deck down low in the back field and it seems to cut well. Any assistance would be appreciated.


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