Old wall failing, Just put a new one in front of it

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by jeffslawnservice, Sep 25, 2012.

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    I a neighbor behind me had me look at a failing wood tie wall. He wanted me to price one with SRW block and one with wood ties, however he was dead set on having a new wall constucted directly in front of the old one. Does anyone have any pictures of how if he has this done once the old wall continues to fail and lean over that it will do the same to the new wall. He thinks that the SRW block with hold back the gravity of the failing old wall. Any pictures of literature would help so that I can explain this to him. I probably would walk awayfrom this but he is my neighbor in back of me and whatever he does directly affects mesince this wall is what separates our two properties.
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    even more of a reason to do it correctly. By the sound of it you don't have the knowledge to tackle this project. Some pictures would help, but you don't need us to tell you it sounds like the old wall needs to be removed for proper drainage stone, etc. behind the wall
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    Sounds like this guy knows more about walls then a wall builder does.

    You cant build a wall the way the customer wants. Can your customer tell you what hydrostatic pressure is/means? Can your customer tell you why grid is used? Can your customer tell you all about drainage chimneys??

    R-Walls are not to be taken lightly. Do it the way the customer wants, and if it fails - you're liable / responsible.

    Build it right from the get go. Remove the old wall. If the old fart doesnt like that idea - then to hell with him.

    No more discussion!
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    Here are a few pictures. Maybe i worded myself wrong, I feel as if I am capable of taking on a project like this. I have done similar ones before and as long as the wall is installed correctly with proper back fill and grid I see no reason why I should not look into taking this project on.

    My main reason for posting on here was to get a few pictures of walls installed incorrectly that people on here might have seen. I want to show the homeowner that you need a footer, proper back fill, grid, and can not simply install another wall directly infront of the old one without removing the oldwall first.


    backwall 2.jpg

    backwall 3.jpg

    back wall 4.jpg
  5. jeffslawnservice

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    Exactly why I would have walked awayfrom this job but I dont want tocome home and find a half azzed new wall in my backyard built by someone who listened to what he wants.
  6. DVS Hardscaper

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    Then move!

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    That tree looks to be doing that wall wonder :):):)
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    helical tie-back

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