Old wasp nest?

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    Had a customer back in the 80's that called my father to take down a paper wasp nest in their oak tree. He climbed the thing in the fall and took it down with a rather nice limb that was supporting it. The owner's stored the nest in their carport until Christmas and placed it above their fireplace as a conversational piece. It was on Christmas day the customer called my father frantic and was swearing over the phone. This lady, her husband, and all the family were swatting with despair from all of the wasps that came alive inside her house after the nest warmed up.........!>!>!!>!>!>!!>!!>!>!!>!> We didn't get the nest out of the house, but we disposed of it for them...........LOL! I am sure their exterminator loved it!!!!!!!@@@@@!!!!@#@@#$##.
    Have any of you actually cut one open? The tunnels are extensive and are like ground hives, in fact, they are quite well built. It will be hard to get to the chambers to kill any existing larvae or overwintering workers. Maybe up there in N.Y. all the wasps are dead, but around here, I assure you that they are not..... We took the nest and put it in a black plastic bag and spraid raid all in the bag and closed it up. Made a nice fire starter afterwards. Those were the fun years when I was younger...........

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