old woods mowing machine 5182.. worth fixing?


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Been gone long while- closed business to be with sick wife.. Then got back into buyinf/fixing old vette. Now I came into a woods 5182 mower (free) and a grass hopper (free) too. GH could be fixed but most likely parts machine. The 5182 has a running replacement Kohler on it but.. they never finished and right away I can see the engine needs re-mounted as the electric clutch is 2" behind the pulleys that drive the shaft for the blades. I just need to take motor off and move 2" forward. in doing so I'll have to shorten the shaft to pumps. This mower worth it? Can't do pics but average to good condition and 1300 hours ( but engine less hours)


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Does it have the Gemini pumps?


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By what I read it should.. but will have to search into it more. just got it home and off trailer. I also have spare machine that is 18'something' model I believe. I know original owner who bought the 5182 brand new and it was a running mower when parked except bad engine. has replacement engine on it but not set to start up yet.