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    I'm sure it varys from state to state or county to county but here all I have to do is go to the auditors office and provide them with a legal desciption of the property plus there name an address and the amount that I want to place the lien for. I have 60 days from the last time I worked at the prop to do this. Cost $28 The auditor ask no questions they just file the lein. And notify the property owner with a copy of the lien that has all my info on it so they know who placed the lein. So you better be sure that you have a written contract so that you cannot be liable for any damages that you cause the other party. It shows up on there credit reports and they can never sell the house until #1 the bank gets paid and then I'm second in line. payup

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    I'm glad it's working out for you. :)
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    There is probably plenty of ways to get ssn's if you have their name and address.
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    I don't know how they do it, but the company rep assured me they can do it if you have their name and last known address. A friend of mine in the credit repair business agreed it could easily be done.

    I'm just wondering about the lien you mention on your website. Is that just a bluff or are you able to actually accomplish that?

    I sued two deadbeats and took the certified copies of judgement up to Denton last fall. Told the clerk I wanted to file liens against their property and the girl told me I could file against the individual, but to file against the property, I needed a "lien document". She sent me down to the local Office Depot. I couldn't figure anything out. I called by best friend who is an attorney at a large firm...he got the real esate hounds on the phone and they had no idea what a "lien document" is. They told me I should be able to file the certified copy of judgement against the property. I never bothered going back to Denton to argue with the girl. I like the idea of a lien on the property if you could do them all at once and not have to invest days to get it done. But as for a lien on an individual in a large county like Denton, how in the heck would anyone know which "Mike Brown" owes my company money? Seems like a waste of time to me.

    DFW Area Landscaper
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    I am glad to hear that this is working. I haven't had to use olddebts.com yet but I figure my time will come.

    For my customers that are not under contract I at least ensure that they sign, date, print name etc... on an "agreement form" that states that they understand my billing procedures.
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    That look's like a great site I'm just waiting to try it out!
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    A good friend of mine's sister came over to watch the OSU-KU game last weekend. Everytime I see her, she brings up lawn care. She lives in a house and outsources the lawn mowing chores.

    Anyway, she starts telling this story about her "psycho" lawn man. She said he sent her a statement for two months instead of one, or something to that effect. Bascially, she thought she was being over-billed. I'm thinking to myself, "so you were late paying." Then she goes on to say how "psycho" this guy was because he showed up pounding on her front door at 9:30 at night. I asked her, "Was it a timid knock, or was it like the guy was really pounding on your door, like one of those "Open up! Police." type knocks." She said the guy was realling pounding on the door like he was gonna knock it down or something.

    Anyway, she paid him.

    I've known this girl for 15 years. She was always over at the fraternity house visiting my friend. She's a college graduate and has a real nice pharmacuetical sales job. Probably makes between $50 & $100K per year. No kids. No husband. Very intelliegent. Bottom line is, if I found out that she was a late payer with her mortgage company or credit cards, I'd be absolutely amazed. Yet, she has no problem stiffing the lawn guy.

    They know we are powerless to effect their credit rating and they abuse us because of it.

    DFW Area Landscaper
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    Got a question. If you are collecting from a deadbeat lawn customer who owes you a few hundred bucks, however, there was no contract signed, it was a verbal agreement, then should I even try to send a debt collection letter??? Or am I screwed b/c there is no contract?
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    DFW, I think I will try this with the guy that owes me $50.00, I talked to a Mexician LCO yesterday and he told me he got stiffed by the same guy a month ago. $65.00....that makes about 7 or 8 LCO this guy has burned this year.....I started calling the LCO's that are now starting to run ads and warning them....thanks for the upate :)
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    I have scanned the document we use in Texas.
    Open it Here

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