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    I just turned one of my accounts into olddebts.com. What package do you guys and gals normally use? I used the Instant Collection Package and will report to credit agencies if don't receive payment in two weeks. What system do ya'll use on olddebts.com?
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    Not sure the name of the package but they send like 5 letters and I do report it to the credit agency. I have had some luck with this but I need to get the bad debts to them more quickly. I tried it with a bunch of old ones.
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    I send a reminder myself to the customer after 30 days of completion, with an add-on note that says 'prompt payment prevents late fee'
    60 days after completion, I add 45 dollars to the bill and again send it to the customer, this time the note says: 'complete and prompt payment prevents credit record damage'
    75 days or so into it, I purchase the Instant Collect package for 6.95 and pay the +3 and report it to the credit bureaus right then and there.
    If I get paid in full any time in the future, I delete the credit record thing from within od's control panel.
    If I get paid without the late fee, I mark the account paid from within the cp but do not delete it, which means it stays on their record as a 'paid' collection issue.

    That's just how I do it nowadays, about to get my 2nd one to go this route.
    Come to think of it, 10 percent / month interest as well, wonder if I can do this via olddebts

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