Older 5 ton trucks

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by HOLLYWOOD6973, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. P.Services

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    What did you pay for it? I shoulda sold you my truck!
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  2. HOLLYWOOD6973

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    Thanks everyone.

    I pick her up Monday night. I'll have about 1.5hr ride home I'll post how its goes:)

    Id called my local tire guy and he can get the 10.00r/20 so that's the route I'll go.

    I paid $5500.00 with new Pa Inspection sticker. Not bad no rust on the cab or doors newer holly carb. I'll post more pictures when I get back to the shop.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    You are lucky the tire shop will do snap ring tires you will probably get charged a good price doing a change over. The tires will be minimum 400 each then you have the 10.00R20 tube another 25 dollars or so. Change over each tire you would be looking at 100 dollars per wheel.

    I found 22.5 dayton wheels on craigslist for 20-30 dollars a piece for used ones. I wouldn't ever fool with with 20 inch tires you ever get a flat then your screwed unless you have spare tires kicking around.

    Running 22.5 tires they are common as mud and can be repaired road side or on a jobsite. A 10.00R-20 tire has to be done in a tire shop with a cage.

    The ring on a split/snap ring rim is dangerous they have caused decapitation ie the tire guy's head taken off. If you ever have a low tire you use a clip on tire chuck with a long hose and a valve.

    A 22.5 tire takes 5 minutes to change a 10.00R20 tire looking at 20 minutes.
  4. stuvecorp

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    Truck looks nice. When I started my first truck was an old GMC like that, it was very maneuverable. It was a plow truck so everything was rusted but it ran great and the central hydraulics was cool. I wish I would have kept it instead of setting up the Kodiak.
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    My old man picked up an '88 GMC with a Cat diesel, 10 speed Roadranger transmission with air brakes for $7500. It can legally haul 18,000 pounds in the bed. There's no way you can haul that much behind a pickup. With the weight of the trailer you'd be towing 25,000+ pounds. Even the lighter duty gas dumps can haul 12,000 or so, and get into places you'd never dream of putting a 16K+ dump trailer with a pickup.
  6. P.Services

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    any one else want a gas engine dump like his but the newer body style? brand new 10' dump body that cost 4 grand. will sell truck for 7,500. runs like a champ.

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