Older billygoat lawn vac briggs engine specs

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by DLM155, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. DLM155

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    I'm not quite sure what year my Billygoat lawn vac is, I'd say its probably an 04 or so. Its got the older tan zipper bag. It has (had) a 5.5hp Briggs turd of an engine on it. Its been a mosquito killing fogger for a while and I knew it was on borrowed time, today it lost compression.

    Trying to find shaft specs and what bolt pattern it uses so I can replace it. Harbor Freight is running a special on a 6hp vertical shaft engine for $100.

    The HF engine mount specs:
    PTO length: 3.2"
    PTO width: 7/8"
    PTO keyway 3/16"
    PTO end tapped 3/8-24
    counter clockwise rotation
    mounting bolt circle: 8", 3/8-24 tapped hole

    If this is a no go are the Honda engines some of these were optioned with compatible with a Briggs setup? I don't want to buy another Briggs, only reason I'm considering the HF unit is the incredibly low price.
  2. BigFish

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    You sure as he!! can't bolt in a new motor without removing the old one.
    So remove it and take all yer measurements. Simple, huh????
  3. DLM155

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    First thing tomorrow. Things can happen even faster if I have the new engine sitting next to it when I get done, just doing a little advanced planning.
  4. Richard Martin

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    Post the model, spec and serial number here. I'll get your info in a jiffy.
  5. DLM155

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    Hows this for luck: every single part of this new Harbor Frieght engine bolts up directly except the crankshaft key on the new engine is about ~1/16" larger. No one can enlarge the keyway on the fan and there are no step keys available in the size I need in town. Take the .99 cent key to a machinist to create a step key and its $40 labor. The key is about an inch long. I'm in the wrong damn business. The whole brand new engine only cost $87
  6. Richard Martin

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    The Chinese are dumping those crappy little engines here. $87 is less than it cost the Chinese to make that engine.

    The cost of the raw materials, smelting, casting, machining, painting, assembly, packaging, shipping to us, the exporters, the importers, freight, tariffs, warehousing, and then finally Harbor Freight's profit and the whole engine was only $87? Right.

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