Older engines worth rebuild??

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by diggerdave65, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Hi all- anyone out there familiar with old Bolens tractors?? Got a couple of questions.
    First has to do with the “locking rear”. This one (model 1050 with a tube frame) has sort of a “locking rear”. There is a large “nut” for lack of a better term, on the end of the rear axel. From what I can tell as you tighten it you are essentially creating a posi rear. Is this correct? Is there another purpose???
    Second has to do with the cast iron Wisconsin. (Model TRA10D, serial 4614959, spec 285633.) The whole thing was given to me b/c owner said it lost power and doesn’t run strong and I like to tinker!! Anyway, I got it to start and ran it for a few mins. Tranny and PTO work. Seems to be a valve problem as you can hear a definite loud metal on metal slap/click when turning it over by hand. (I seem to recall it was on the exhaust side). Wont know until I tear into it – which leads me to my question.. are the older cast engines worth rebuilding in your opinion?? These are the old style, with starter generator, regulator and coil. Parts may not be easy to come by and expensive at that… Im trying to balance that vs repowering it with a newer horizontal engine.

    The deck is in fantastic shape with brand new blades. The PTO shafts all work and the PTO Idler pullys are new. .The older Bolens were very well made, tough tractors and it seems a waste to scrap something that except for the engine seems to have a lot of life left to it. Appreciate any input..
    thanks dave
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    It looks like your tractor is about a 68' model and might have some value to a collector of Bolens equipment. If you're into the old tractors, you could spend a little money and time and have a nice collectible tractor. You can still get parts for the Wisconsin motors, but I think they are somewhat pricey. Good Luck......
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    If your tractor looks like this one. you can start by looking on eBay. lots of parts show up for this tractor. take your time because it’s going to take some time, to finish your project and costly also good luck :drinkup:

  4. GravelyNut

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    As someone who rebuilds older Gravelys with Kohler and Onan engines, always find they are better than the new ones. With the Wisconsins, same thing holds true. There is a THD sitting in the garage.
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    The metal "click" you are hearing is probably from the mag. That is normal when turning over slowly. There is a coiled spring that winds up & then releases when the points break.

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