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    Hi- I have an old(mid80's?) hustler 400 with the ford gas 411I industrial 4 cyl motor. We need a water pump and puller fan for this unit and are having difficulty finding. Can somebody advise on source?? This mower is 72 inch with grass catcher and is just perfect for what we use it for. I have a second mower deck to use for future parts,but I'm starting to wonder if I am gonna have to give up on this unit for lack of various other parts. Any advise or part sources GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! Scott

    P.S We are a long way($$$$$$$$$$$) from being able to purchase an equivalent mower. Please help keep this old one going!!!
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    This is the Ford Industrial Engine distributor for your part of the country.
    Give them a call.

    E.C. Power Systems
    3104 C Street Northeast
    Suite 200
    Auburn, WA. 98002
    800 247 5899

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