older hydro wb or belt driven

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jay albers, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. jay albers

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    I have about 25 accounts and the goal is 40. I want a walk behind for a back up and somthing my helper can use.I got about 2 grand. Found a hydro scag with about 1500 hrs. or a scag belt drive with under 50hrs. I plan on getting a sulky for it because i have some decent size accounts so i want to be able to move.

    want do you guys think? please only reply if you have had both types of mowers ,and have been in the biz for some time
  2. clean_cut

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    I haven't used both belt and hydro, but I can tell you my experience with buying a hydro. I got a scag 52" that was about 4 yrs old with around 100-150 hours for $2,500 and it included a velke. I'm sure you could find a mower with under 1500 hours for around $2,000 though.

    Hope I could help!
  3. jay albers

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    thanks ill keep lookin
  4. SchnabelLawnCare

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    Hydro is certainly easier; I've used both. However, 1500 hours isn't a 2k machine. The hydros wear out usually by 1800 hours and they are pricey to replace. My vote is to keep searching... I've seen some better deals on this site.
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