Older Peerless Transmission Problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Clemsonkurt, May 30, 2009.

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    My peerless transmission on an exmark walk behind has a worn output shaft where it connects to the wear coupling. Instead of replacing the transmission, I would like to drill a hole through the coupling and the shaft and put a roll pin in to hold it. Has anyone ever done this or have any thoughts or suggestions? I would rather not buy a new transmission right now and would like to get a few months out of what I have.
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    I already answered this in another thread and already mentioned you don't
    need to replace the transmission itself!

    You need to replace the center shaft if it's worn, the outer shaft, and the coupling.
    Heck if the center shaft isn't worn you don't even have to get into the tranny.
    But if it is all you do is remove the shifter assembly and the cover and you're there.

    Now you want to try and drill a hole through a small round barrel of extra hard steel,
    I think it's easier drilling through a car's firewall if you ask me.
  3. Clemsonkurt

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    thank you for the reply. I wrote this thread right after I wrote the one this morning, probably around the same time you were replying to the first one. When you say you do not have to get into the tranny to to replace the center shaft, what do you mean? It seems that the center shaft is part of the internal workings of the transmission and has 5 or so gears on it. You are also right, the drilling is "mucho" difficult:laugh: I guess I was out to lunch when I came up with that.

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