older ransome t22dv diesel 72" front deck mower

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bruno_rs, May 23, 2011.

  1. bruno_rs

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    hey all,

    i've got an older (mid-late 80's) 25 hp diesel front deck mower. haven't used it in a few years. getting no fuel... noticed i didn't hear the electric fuel pump at all.

    also, the ignition switch was "touchy"... had to wiggle the wires at the plug to get the starter to turn. when i attempted to remove and clean the switch one of the leads broke off (real corroded).

    my question... could the switch being corroded and in need of replacement be the reason for no fuel and/or the pump not operating? ALSO where do i go to get the correct switch for this older machine?

    thanks, looking forward to hearing from you. hope all is well. have a good one.
  2. Jay Ray

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    You can find switches in the darndest places. The blade engage switch went out on my old Toro wb and they wanted $40 for one. Didn't seem like much value for the money. I got the same thing, just another color, from a marine supply on eBay for less than $10 shipped.

    There is also franken-wiring and re-routing to whatever can be found.

    Hope you can find the original however. Maybe eBay?

    Get all the numbers and info (if any) you can off of the switch and google it.
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  4. whfh99

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    What's this mower like to operate? I saw one online for around $2k and was considering it as a lower cost alternative to a more modern zero turn. Can anyone comment on the pros/cons of the front deck setup vs. a zero turn? Just trying to make an educated decision.


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