Older Super Mini vs newer Mini?

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    I'm looking to buy a small ztr to mow my 2.5 acre yard, slightly rolling with a couple of slopes that are probably at 15 degrees. I'm looking at a used super mini z 25/52 in good shape with only a few hundred hours. The only downside is that this is a 2003 model, with 20" rear tires. I'm also looking at a newer 19/52 mini with the 23" tires.

    I really like the idea of the bigger engine and hydros of the super mini due to the sloping ground. Would I see a difference in traction between the two? I'm guessing the super would also ride a little rougher due to the smaller tires, but I figure the suspension seat would help compensate for that. Any thoughts?
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    Well I have used both extensively, I personally would have to drive the 20" unit on the property to feel how it handles that 15 degree slope, there is a reason we went to larger tires, mostly to be competitive spec wise, but also for a better ride / traction.
    If it drives good and the price is right on the Super Mini then I would take it.
    I would think it would ride nicely with the suspension seat and the correct tire pressure.
    A new mower is always nice too, new warranty and of course you will be getting the larger tires and you can also add Flex Forks to really smooth out the ride.
    Not sure if I helped you here or confused you more.... sorry...


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