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    I have an older viking hydro(serial~121,000). I just rebulit a spindle due to "lack of lubrication" as per my dealer. I mow 12 accounts per week over two days that average 10,000 sq ft.
    I am putting 7 pumps of grease into each spindle every week, thinking this is enough. Am I wrong?--should I be loading more grease into them? Is it possible to "overload " these older types of spindles?

    Thanks for your reply--Mike
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    YouÂ’re probably right on track with your diagnosis. When we still offered the greaseable spindles we had more failures from over greasing and inadequate grease quality than we ever did from lack of grease.

    I'd recommend a good synthetic grease and only give it about 2 pumps every 30-40 hours of use.

    If you over grease and fill the cavity between the top and the bottom bearing you can create excessive pressure inside the cavity when the grease gets hot and expands. Combine that with a standard grease gun at around 150 psi and you can blow the seals out of the bearing. Once that happens every time the bearing gets the grease warm it expands, seeps past the seals and collects dust and dirt. Then after you let the unit set over night the grease cools down, contracts and draws the grease that had slipped past the seal back into the bearing along with all the contaminants. The contaminants then can cause excessive wear.

    You should also use a good grade of synthetic or an extremely high grade petroleum. With a standard grease you can either cook the oil out of the grease or simply spin it so fast that it cant stick to the balls in the bearing and lubricate. In either case the bearing doesn't last as long as it could have with the right type of grease.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or comments.



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