older wisconsin on snapper leaking fuel from carb

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by subs1000w, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. subs1000w

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    this is a 2cycle wt1-125v first thing i did was clean carb real good "but was already clean" old air filter was soaked so i replaced that but still leaked so i replaced the $34 needle still leaking the float is plastic so i cant really adjust it do you think i need to replace the float its also 30 i just hate throwing parts at somthing but i dont know what else to do beside tell the person to shut the gas off after every use but i think that will be "unexceptable" thanks
  2. loafycleetus

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    it could be a fuel logged float, it also could be that your needle seat seal is bad. hold the float up and try to blow into the fuel inlet. if air blows through then it is a problem with the seal or sealing surface since you replaced the needle.
  3. subs1000w

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    the needle seat seal is metal if it was rubber like some of the other engines ive worked on i would have replaced it, i cant seem to tell if the float gets fuel in it but i dont think it does, i have held the float up and it does shut the gas off havnt tried blowing into it though, i think if the float was metal i could just adjust it alittle and it would fix the problem
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    Shake yer float after it's been in gas, if she's sloshing you got a leaky float.

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