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Well, the closest thing I've got to a ZTR is a John Deere 30" rear engine rider that I got for free from a friend of mine. Doesn't run but I'll fix that. It seems a little more sensible for those big jobs that I might encounter. My only concern is it doesn't have a mulching plug, so I can't mulch unless I lay out some cash for a new deck or just a recycler kit. Seems like the new riders are just like old ones so I bet I can still get the same parts for engine, etc.. Don't get me wrong about commercial mowers, I would love to have one, just don't have the cash. I won't look to bad riding on a rezzie model, that's what everyone in town uses. The only thing I lose with the rider are those great back and forth stripes I make with my 21". For those of you saying to yourself, "What kind of idiot can't stripe with a riding mower" this is for you, I can't afford a ZTR, just a rezzie rider. And I must add, the price was definetly right.


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like my folks always told me-make do with what you've got until you can afford a better one.<br>Just work hard & smart & upgrade when you can.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>


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I agree w/ smitty.. You have to crawl before you walk. Take it easy and be smart, don't get in over your head. But as soon as you can afford to upgrade, do so! <p>Mike<br>Greenkeepers

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