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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by S&MLL, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. S&MLL

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    So on Friday I did a consult on a system installed by olp. It was damaged beyond repair in a lightning storm plus a few years of abuse. Anyway when I asked why they did not call the guys who put it in. Long story short he said the franchisee (if thatÂ’s a word) went out of business.

    So few questions 1. If any of you are bought into a franchise OLP,Lighthouse,nitelites or any others. Whats your experience with the whole process. In my area I have never seen a commercial for any outdoor lighting company. So im not sure how much exposure it really gives you. Since I have been on this forum I cant remember if this was ever discussed.

    Secondly http://www.outdoorlights.com/diy Seems olp is selling there fixtures directly to homeowners. Also offering design assistance and an install dvd. Im not part of OLP or any franchise but this would tick me off. Kind of takes away using exclusive fixtures when they sell them to homeowners.

    Talk away
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    Our local OLP guy here dumped the franchise last fall and went independent.
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    I've run upon their work here and to me, it's all cookie cutter. I am not sure if it's OLP or someone else who charges $1.00 per watt for transformers, but I think it's OLP. They did a job at a home of a past client, before he bought the house, but now I service it. I am blown away at how they use all those black plastic can lights with the sloped front and plexi lense. I told this client that his landscaping contained a variety of different kinds and sizes of plants and other lighting applications, it's too bad that they used the same light for EVERYTHING!. Well, with 35 watt lamps, needing many transformers is the result, and when you're getting a buck a watt, I guess that's their "TRICK" for making money at this.
  4. S&MLL

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    I would like to be able to charge 600 or 900 for a trans
  5. Chris J

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    OLP here has never been a significant competitor, but he has folded and closed shop. Been making quite a bit of new customers fixing his installations though.
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    I just lost a job to OLP, sweeted the deal by upgrading some of there lighting system at there house.. I did not even get a chance to look at the lake property. What I thought was strange is the HO keep asking if I charged by the fixture. I told them no I do not. So I am guessing they give a flat price..
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