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    I broke one of my own rules which is: DO NOT try to pursuade family/friend/neighbor to use my services over someone else.

    One of my neighbors who always talks about big plans they have for their yard and all this stuff they are going to plant came over to talk to me the other day. To date, they have put a dead potted plant on their porch.:rolleyes: In retrospect, I think he just wanted to get some free advice and then p!ss me off.

    He and his wife decided they want to screen in their backyard. They essentially have the back and one side to screen, which is about 230 feet by my estimate. Being that he's too cheap to pay for a decent fence, they want to screen it with.........Leylands!:cry: :dizzy: :hammerhead:...53 of them by his calculations. In my area, Leylands are junk trees along with Bradford Pears. They are relatively cheap, grow really fast, and when used in any set fashion ie.. a screen or symetric pattern, are guaranteed to meet with catastrophic failure and end up looking like T-total sh!t

    So he starts telling me how "his landscape guy' is coming over to give him a quote but it's been a week and he's tired of waiting. I asked if he really wanted to use someone that didn't return calls. He responded that his guy was probably busy because he was, "a real guy, you know, he does this for a living, he's got all the equipment for this kind of stuff".:rolleyes: I guess that was a jab because I work part-time. I mean, it's impossible for a part-timer to get a hold of one of them big swirly drills right?

    Anyway, HE has figured that it should costs about $1500.:confused: :confused: :confused: I asked him how he came up with that figure. He said because it was twice as much as he wanted to spend but he wasn't going to pay that for 2 foot trees. They need to be at least head high for that price.;) Not wanting to see this maroon create a tree line near my house, I told him that since 'his landscape guy' wasn't around I could give him a ballpark idea of cost because I knew his figure was soooo far off, right?

    I got him to agree that he needed to mulch AND put landscape fabric down...because I knew he would never trim or spray around 50+ trees. SO, I give him a somewhat low price of $3800 on 7 gallon trees and 30 yards or $4500 on 15 gallon and 30 yards. His reply, "Well, that'll never happen!" ME: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :laugh:

    Today, he comes over to tell me that he found a guy that only sells Leylands and will install 53 6 ft trees for $1220!!! WTF!!! WHO DOES THIS KIND OF CRAP!!! :angry: :gunsfirin :gunsfirin :gunsfirin :realmad:

    Oh yeah, he's also going to see if 'his landscape guy' can beat this guys price!:hammerhead:

    Sorry, I had to rant.:rolleyes:
  2. Uranus

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    I would find out what day the circus is coming to his house and call out sick from you job. Get a cooler full of drinks and watch the performance.
  3. PaperCutter

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    That's $23 and change a tree, wow... forget watching the circus, you should videotape it. This has YouTube written all over it.
  4. Kate Butler

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    I agree!! YouTube, too.
  5. NickN

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    So,he's going to plant these Leylands 4 feet apart?That's gonna be interesting,considering they get 15 feet wide.
  6. mcwlandscaping

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    Just curious as im always trying to learn, how did you come up with your price?

    $23 a tree is BS
  7. markam70

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    this guy probably got a good deal on some second quality material or even some tall liners. we've actually bought 5-6' liners in nc and bumped them up to 7 gal. container. i think we paid $6-7 each, so if he's planting these or lesser quality, the figures aren't out of line too much. by the sound of your neighbor, he would jump at this.

    quick comparison....just quoted 15,000 ft2 of hydroseeding. customer also got a quote for sodding...$1750 including about 3-4 hrs of prep work. i can't even buy the sod for the that price. my cost on the sod is $.18/ ft2.

    the other thing to consider.... is your neighbor being honest about this price? maybe he's just trying to get you to compete and lower your price
  8. mattfromNY

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    Please post pics. of the project when done. WE'd love to see it.
  9. F&SLawnCo

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    This guy can't get 230 feet of fence for less than 1500 bukcs. Boy I would hate to live in your neighborhhod. I just had 400 foot of nice privacy fence delivered and installed for 1800 bucks. That is no special deal, just picked a reputable, insured, company out of the yellow pages and had them come out and take care of it for me.
  10. YardPro

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    that price all depends on where you are.

    we have a grower that I can get 3-4" leylands for $5.50-$7.00.
    there are nice plants from a primary wholesaler.
    7 gallon leylands are only $12.00

    two guys could easily plant 53 trees in less than one day, about 5 hours with an auger.

    that means $318.00 in plants, that leaves $902.00 for labor. I'll bet this tree installer is not going to put down mulch, etc...just plant the trees.

    your price for the job is really high.... $71.00/tree for a 7 gallon...... that's way high.

    down here on the coast, with our sandy soils, that would be a 1/2 day job with 2 guys no problem, without an auger.

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