Omg! You're fired!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CraigPLC, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Videos aren't working for me. Youtube says video cannot be found.
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    Yeah, that first one is definitely a fireable offense. The second vid looks like they're trying to show you how bent the rim is.
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    Aren't employees great?
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    I'm guessing McCutcheon is an employee of Wright Mfg and is testing these machines?

    Based on his not complete torsion tester video.
  7. CraigPLC

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    Yeah he is a R&D Engineer... Just saying, I could see an employee doing something like that, cause I have seen a porter take a ZR1 Corvette and wrap it around a pole (He was suppose to be just filling it up with gas for a customer to take for a ride). Had another porter, park a SW6 Trans-Am in a McDonalds after he loss control of it taking it to go get gas for a delivery. Had a porter, wipe out 6-cars in row, trying to park a 2500-HD with a snow blade. Hit the first car, got scared, panicked, hit the accellerator and pushed the car into to rest.

    When I was at the plant, had a Hi-Lo Driver get mad at a fellow employee and chased him through the plant trying to kill him with the Hi-Lo, and as the guy ran up the steps, hit the steps so hard, the forks punched a hole through the solid steel steps. Had another employee who thought is was fun to throw cigarette lighters into a heat treat furnace to hear the explosion! Causing $1000s in damage. Had another employee who thought it would be funny to bypass the safety on an air tank. The explosion was so BIG I was sixty-feet away and the pressure wave knocked me to the ground, and 6-employees had the ear drums burst, and 13 more had injuries from the flying metal. But the worst was an employee thought it would be funny to scare a press operator while they were operating a 200-ton press and the guy lost a hand. We couldn't even find a trace of skin, bone, tissue, NOTHING!!! It was gone! There was a slight imprint of his hand in the die.

    I have 100s of stories about things employees did, thinking they were going to do something funny, that wasn't funny.
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  9. CraigPLC

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    I was thinking of hiring someone.

    You just set me back another couple of years, I'll stay solo as long as I can tough it out.

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