Omg! You're fired!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CraigPLC, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Does anyone remember/find the exmark testing video where the guy hilariously beat the living $H!t out of the hydros and machine by going up and down curbs, walls, wheelys and everything you've always wanted to do and see how long it could last. He did it for like 15 minutes straight. I tried to find it but just can't. I want to watch it again! It's pretty awsesome
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    I work in a machine shop about a 50 feet away from our heat treat furnace. We were told if you would put a soda bottle filled with water inside it would blow up. I'm not testing it out. And we are the dumb ones in the south!! YEA RIGHT:laugh:
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    I would not fire them right away. First I would shoot them than I would dispose of the body and than I would fire them, just so they got the message.
    easy-lift guy
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    This and many other reasons are why I am solo...I can not imagine trusting anyone with my equipment and trucks or for that matter taking care of my customers properties the way I do.
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    Mummm, back in the day there was a massive relocation of farmer workers from the South to Michigan because of all the automotive jobs. My Grandparents on my father side rented a farm in Missouri until 1940 and then move here. More than half the people in Southeastern Michigan are either from the South or they are only first generation Michiganers with ties to the South. In fact we call a lot of the cities around here Kentucky, like Taylor is Taylortucky. Ypsilanti is Ypsitucky. Just sayin...
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    It was actually a Toro. :)
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    I started solo, I am solo in the middle and I will be solo at the end.
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